• Gaijin 3000 Vinyl
  • Gaijin 3000 Vinyl

Elijah Nang

Gaijin 3000 Vinyl

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Limited edition splatter vinyl // 10 copies

Gai-jin 外人 - (Noun) Foreigner / Outsider

This light novel takes place 3000 years after the Edo period, from the Land of the Samurai To the bustling city of Neo-Tokyo. The protagonist of the story, codename Anansi, hired by the Neo-Tokyo Police department, has been given a mission to retrieve a child, who is marked with a white koi tattoo. This child happens to be held captive by a group called the Shizuka clan, A Yakuza organization that is known to capture orphans for human trafficking. They tend to only move in silence during the night hence the reason why the NTPD are unable to locate them until now. The NTPD was able to find the child's last location at the Namba club through the club’s security cameras. Anansi has approximately 13 minutes to retrieve the child, failure to do so would mean that the child would be lost in the underworld forever. The countdown starts NOW.

Model Nang 4350.

This album also includes a bonus track

Artwork by Wenyi Geng


1. 13 Minutes

2. 3000 years later

3. Bebop

4. Komorebi 

5. Codenameanasi

6. Cloud777

7. Eclipse

8. Mizustation

9. Dreamcast

10. Telekinesis ( Flylotribute )

11. Nambaclub

12. 13 minutes left ( Interlude )

13. Hisametown

14 Amegasoudesu

15. Race against time

16. Timeisup ( END )

17. ( Bonus track ) - Gomenasai 6.5

Released February 15, 2023